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Biodetoxification Order
Patient Name DOB Date
Amount of Time Prescribed
1 week 3 weeks 5 weeks
2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks
Start Date End Date
Special Instrctions
Initial Lab Work
CBC/Multi Chem Anti-Thyroid Antoboidies Spirometry
Hair Analysis Vitamin D Level Comprehensive Urinalysis
Thyroid Panel-3 part Autoimmune Panel EKG
Thyroid Panel-complete Hepatitis Panel Dipstick Urinalysis
RBC Cholinesterase Clorinated Pesticide Toxic Urine Element
Mold IgG Antoboidies Mycotoxin Panel CDSA
Special Instrctions
Weekly Ongoing Services
Physical Therapy Sauna Oxygen Therapy 30' Physician Consult
1 hr 30 min 1x/week
1.5 hrs 1 hr 2x/week
2 hrs 2 hrs  
2.5 hrs    
3 hrs    
Cranial Sacral Therapy Electrial Stimulation
Massage x/week LBG x/week Detox Foot Bath:
Allergy Testing-

see testing orders

Counselling Support
Group Individual