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We specialize in Environmental, Functional and Integrative Medicine, which are board-certified and evidence-based fields of medicine. We find the root cause of your illness by addressing the whole person. The physician focuses on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, including nutrition as well as your ‘total load’ caused by allergies, toxins, infections and stress. We treat patients using a combination of conventional allopathic medicine with holistic medicine treatments using some of the best, scientifically validated therapies available.

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Click here for access to order online nutritional supplements, anti-aging products, chemical free beauty products (toothpaste, bug repellent, hand wash, body wash) and much more.

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We are a team of compassionate, caring professionals who are committed to listening to your concerns, developing a plan that you are comfortable with and providing you with an answer to the question “why me?”. Click here to read more about what to expect during your initial visit. Also, don’t forget to view our testimonial videos from patients just like you.

Products That Help Keep Your Home Environmentally Safe

We have assembled information on products that can help you reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to in your everyday life. However, because technology is changing constantly and new products appear frequently, it is not always possible for us to keep our information updated. For this reason, we have also recommended other sites on the Internet we feel are excellent resources. Click here to learn more.


My son, Austin, who is 7, suffers from chronic asthma. He saw two Allergists who said he wasn’t allergic to anything. However, we did get a laboratory test, the peptide urine test for gluten and dairy, and found out that Austin was highly reactive to dairy. We tried to avoid dairy, but his asthma was getting worse. He was on a round of Orapred in November 2006 and in January 2007. By the time I brought him to The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, he was on adult dose Advair 250/100, 3 to 4 Albuterol Nebulations per day, Zyrtec, and Singular. He wheezed constantly and had to be at the nurse’s station to receive Neb (nebulization) treatments every day…Read More 

Austin’s Story: A Mother’s Testimonial
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